Sweet words from SWEET clients

Michelle is so fun to work with and has been a great partner to help us capture the essence of our work. She is wonderful to collaborate with on site and brings creativity and lightheartedness to every meeting.
— Diane Cassidy | Director of Interior Design | McKinley Burkart
Michelle is extremely talented and what she sees through her lens brings our work to life. We really appreciate her attention to detail when shooting and not only is she great at what she does, she is amazing to work with.
— Jenelle Erickson | Principal Designer | SmithErickson Designs
As a designer and small business owner, my portfolio is what keeps my business running and Michelle from MJay Photography is the only person I trust to photograph my interiors. One of the main reasons why I use Michelle is that she keeps her photographs crisp and bright while focusing on keeping whites pure. This results in my work looking 100x better! Not only is she really fun and comfortable to be around but you can tell she is full of knowledge and passion.

(Side note: I wish I could say all negative things about Michelle as I don’t want to share her but #communityovercompetition and none of it would be true! )
— Sarah Sandeman | Principal Designer | Gioia Interiors
Michelle has been wonderful to work with. She is a ray of sunshine and comes equipped with professionalism, positivity, and a really great eye. We love working with her and I am always excited to recommend her to clients and friends.
— Kate Klassen | Founder, Creator & Editor-in-Chief | Dote Magazine
Working with Michelle is always SO much fun! I swear, every photoshoot we do we are constantly laughing. Not only is she an awesome personality to have on site but her photos are exquisite, they capture our projects perfectly!
— Rebecca Drohan | Miter Renovations
Michelle is an incredible talent and a true joy to work with! We’ve worked together on a number of shoots for my interior design studio and I have been so thrilled with what she created for us. Her photos completely reflect the essence of our brand, and she is also a wonderful collaborator who allows us to be a part of the process to ensure that we are getting the results we want along the way. Her cheerful personality also sets us completely at ease when we have to be in front of the lens, capturing beautiful and authentic images. I can’t recommend working with Michelle highly enough!
— Sarah Ward | Principal Designer | Sarah Ward Interiors