Ian + Angela // Guns and Flowers

Ian and Angie are two of the most honest, real, fun-loving people you will ever meet. Spending time with them is like a good nap. Comfortable. Satisfying. Leaves you feeling happy and refreshed.

Besides being easy on the eyes, and a being a wickedly talented interior designer, Ian has an amazing collection of antique guns. How did I come to know this? Well...Angie is a world-class hair stylist, and once while she was working her magic on me in her kitchen salon, Ian asked if I'd like to see The Gun Show. I feel like, whatever the context, if someone asks if you want to see "The Gun Show", you say yes. And you sit back. And you enjoy. So that's what I did. Literal best haircut of my life, and I don't expect it will ever be topped. 

Taking photos of Ian and Angie was just like the most glorious afternoon nap. Are they not the cutest, most beautiful couple you have ever seen? Plus, he brought The Gun Show!! And let us put flowers in his beard. And genuinely loved it, which makes it even better. 

Ian and Angie, thanks for the wonderful evening. Hope you enjoy your photos! xo, Michelle