Hi! So happy you stopped by!

I'm Michelle.


I started MJay Photography in the spring of 2017 after years of on-the-side study of photography, interior and graphic design, styling, and art.

I have always wanted to be an artist. Ever since I can remember. But never quite had the courage to take that drive seriously, or give it the time and attention it deserved. But I believe all of our life experiences take us on a meaningful path. 

After I finished my undergraduate degree in Calgary, I moved to Vancouver to complete a Master's Degree in Speech-Language Therapy. As part of this education and my work in this field I gained such an appreciation for the complexities of human interaction and emotion, and also learned how to bring out emotions and interactions in the children I worked with in fun and playful ways. This skill is also one of my greatest strengths as a photographer. I love capturing real emotion in and between people, especially in moments of happiness and joy. I LOVE photos. I love looking at them and taking them and planning to take them. I have ever since I was old enough to have a purse to carry my disposable camera around in. And still, every time I bust out my camera (although the equipment is a little better), it's the same trigger-happy, adrenaline-filled feeling that I get to experience as part of my job. 

I believe in that feeling and I believe I can use it to create art. And I want that art to be full of YOU! So let's hang out, and create some really fun, unique, and beautiful images that you will LOVE, proudly show off, and cherish for years.

Thanks again for being here! I’d love to hear from you, send me a message here.


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Before the session:

I am always available by email or text to help my clients with coordinating a location, wardrobe, and styling details. I love collaborating and throwing ideas around and working together to come up with the details that make each session personalized, unique, and beautiful. 


I put a lot of research and scouting time into finding locations that are interesting and unique for my clients. I love simple, minimal locations that allow the people and their personalities to really shine through. 


The timing of my sessions varies depending on the activity and I always adjust my workflow depending on who I have in front of the camera. I don't have a set time frame, however most sessions usually last between 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Kids usually max out at about 45 minutes so I tend to follow their lead, work fast, change things up when we need to and keep it fun. However, I also enjoy a slow-pased relaxed session with room for exploration, so I always check in with my clients to see what will work best for them. 

What the session looks like:

If we haven't met before in person, I always like to spend a few minutes chatting and getting to know each other before I whip out my camera.

Wherever we are, we will hang out and have fun (even reluctant spouses and shy little ones end up enjoying themselves).

I might tell you a general area to stand or give cues to help your family interact and look natural on camera, but I promise there won't be any awkward posing involved.

I love photos that capture natural candid moments and real emotion, so we do what we have to to make that happen, even if its the odd terrible joke. So if you have any good ones or especially if you have bad ones, make sure you bring them and bust them out!

What's included:

With your session, you will receive a comprehensive gallery of high resolution digital images from our time together that have been individually edited and retouched. The gallery will be sent to you by email 2-3 weeks following your session that you will be able to download onto your computer, and be proud to share with your family and friends and display on the walls of your home and in your photo albums. 



I shoot in natural light with a Sony A7rII digital camera and alternate between a Zeiss 85mm portrait lens and a Zeiss 35mm wide angle lens. 

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